Recent Publications

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Checkmate: Portraits of Power

This is a collection of three novellas. All three stories are comedies, though of the dark variety – given the comparative ignorance or naïvety of their protagonists and the cold calculations of those who exercise power over them. They also have a political slant, relevant to the turbulent times we live in.

ISBN 978 1780884 233, 177pp, February 2013

To the Great Sea

This iis an oblique re-telling of the journey of the Magi. Balthazar’s ‘chance’ meetings in the wilderness and his conversations with the philosopher Melichior, lead on to Bethlehem and to the strange events they witness there.

ISBN 978 1848767 706, 104pp, December 2011


Venice Regained (I fratelli minori, by Enrico Palandri)

Enrico Palandri’s novel opens up Italy’s turbulent recent political past as well as three decades of crisis, drama and tragedy that have engulfed the lives of its protagonists, regardless of their wishes or even their whereabouts.

Troubador 2014 (pp. 205), translated by Antonio Pagliaro and Doug Thompson

The Dual Realm (Il doppio regno, by Paola Capriolo)

One morning, at dawn, a woman is walking by the sea when a tidal wave suddenly appears upon the horizon, approaching the shore at tremendous speed. In fear for her life, the woman races back into the town, up a hill, through a wood and takes refuge in a hotel.

Troubador, 2013 (pp. 156), translated by Gillian Ania and Doug Thompson

The Other Evening (L’altra sera, by Enrico Palandri)

Paris, June 1998, the day of the World Cup semi-final between France and Italy. The city is smouldering with hatreds. Giacomo Flores, a reporter for a prominent Italian daily paper, is moments away from meeting his grown-up, pregnant daughter Francesca, and his wayward son, Gianni, and a little later, Louis, his divorced wife’s third child – and most important for him, Pauline herself – though not until the evening. But arrangements unravel before any meeting takes place. There is a stabbing. Giacomo witnesses it and becomes involved with the police…

Troubador 2012 (pp. 183), translated by Doug Thompson

Roberta Naked (Roberta nuda, by Monica Aschieri)

This daring work, set in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, weaves together two very different scenarios. In one scenario, conveyed by text and telephone messages or emails, the enigmatic journalist, Em, unaccountably endures a humiliatingly exploitative sexual relationship with her younger male lover, Davide, a law student with political ambitions who is already engaged to another woman. In the other scenario, young Edmondo, called Mondino, a member of a working-class suburban drug-running gang, tries his hand at describing how he and his mates, led by the charismatic hero Simone and his equally glamorous girlfriend, Michela, called Mikita or Miki, with whom Mondino is hopelessly in love, want to save the world from wage-slavery.

Troubador 2013 (pp. 122), translated by John Gatt and Doug Thompson